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Armor are equippable items which can be placed in either the head or chest armor slots.

Armor increases player stats. In the equipment menu, moving the cursor over each item will show the stat difference between what's selected and what is currently equipped.


Icon Name Description Damage Defense Will Fortitude Luck Total
Advisor Hat.png
Advisor Hat A gaudy hat that obscures the face with a semi-transparent visor. +2 +3 +3 +8
Buckle Hat.png
Buckle Hat A jet-black hat adorned with a golden buckle and a crimson feather. +5 +1 +1 +7
Captain's Cap.png
Captain's Cap A golden crested cap worn by a Viletian star-captain. +3 +6 +8 +17
Combat Helmet.png
Combat Helmet A military grade Lachiemi helmet for close-range warfare. +7 +2 +9
Copper Helmet.png
Copper Helmet A standard issue copper helmet with a fancy blue plume. +4 +4
Dragoon Helmet.png
Dragoon Helmet A majestic helmet made for Cheveur Riders. +5 +5
Empire Crown.png
Empire Crown The crown of the ruler of Lachiem. Enhances one's willpower. +6 +6 +12 +24
Engineer Goggles.png
Engineer Goggles A pair of silly looking goggles. +1 +2 +1 +4
Eternal Crown.png
Eternal Crown A teal half-hat with golden wings. Enhances one's dominion over time. +4 +8 +9 +21
Lab Glasses.png
Lab Glasses A simple pair of glasses that have been augmented to help with concentration. +4 +3 +8 +15
Leather Helmet.png
Leather Helmet A well-worn leather helmet. +3 +3
Librarian Hat.png
Librarian Hat A gaudy blue hat worn by enthusiasts of historic fashion. +4 +4 +4 +12
Pointy Hat.png
Pointy Hat A pointy gray hat made out of soft fabric. +1 +3 +2 +6
Security Visor.png
Security Visor a flimsy plastic visor for blocking out riot gas. +2 +2
Sunglasses A fancy pair of glasses that shouldn't be worn indoors. +1 +1
Viletian Crown.png
Viletian Crown A priceless crown adorned with plasma crystals. Refreshes one's mind. +3 +6 +6 +15


Icon Name Description Damage Defense Will Fortitude Luck Total
Advisor Robe.png
Advisor Robe An expensive green robe, classically worn by Viletian nobles. +2 +5 +4 +11
Captain's Uniform.png
Captain's Uniform The military uniform of a highly decorated Viletian star-captain. +10 +7 +17
Copper Breastplate.png
Copper Breastplate A copper breastplate that was clearly made for someone bigger than you. +6 +6
Dragoon Armor.png
Dragoon Armor A beautifully painted chest piece that belies its protective qualities. +9 +2 +11
Empress Robe.png
Empress Robe An elegant robe made in the Lachiem royal colors. +3 +9 +6 +3 +21
Eternal Coat.png
Eternal Coat A sombre coat that is eerily flawless. +5 +17 +10 +5 +37
Lab Coat.png
Lab Coat A pristine lab coat that enhances the wearer's mental focus. +2 +7 +8 +17
Leather Jerkin.png
Leather Jerkin A basic leather jerkin, pre-owned. +4 +4
Librarian Robe.png
Librarian Robe A queer blue robe, made by an enthusiast of historic fashion. +3 +6 +5 +14
Midnight Cloak.png
Midnight Cloak A heavy black cloak lined with blood-red silk. +1 +7 +2 +1 +11
Military Armor.png
Military Armor Military grade Lachiemi chest armor for foot soldiers. +12 +4 +16
Old Coat.png
Old Coat A musty old coat on the verge of falling apart. +1 +1
Princess Dress.png
Princess Dress A flowing dress made of emerald fabric and intricate red and gold embroidery. +4 +9 +7 +3 +23
Security Vest.png
Security Vest A cheap bullet-proof vest. Mostly for show. +3 +3
Traveler's Cloak.png
Traveler's Cloak A lightly enchanted gray cloak with an ornate clasp in tthe shape of a leaf. +1 +5 +1 +8
Trendy Jacket.png
Trendy Jacket An overpriced jacket that's a throwback to old fashion. +2 +2