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The year 1062 A.E. on the pastoral planet of Winderia. It has been almost three decades since the Lachiemi Empire descended from the sky and took control of the planet.

The Lachiemei relentlessly scour Windeeria in search of relics of the ancients - relics such as the Timespinner, a device capable of sending its user back in time.

For as long as they can remember, the Qaelan clan has protected the Timespinner from those who would use it for evil. Now, they are forced to live in secret in order to escape the incessant gaze of the Empire.

It is Lunais's 20th birthday, the day that she is to become a Time Messenger; a special member of the Qaelan clan trained to use the Timespinner in order to protect it. Little does she know how soon she will be needed...

Main Menu[edit]

Start your adventure by selecting New Game.

After you've saved the game once, you can select Continue to load your most recent save or select Load Game to choose which save you'd like to play.

Select Options to change game settings.

Select Exit to close the game.

Difficulty Menu[edit]

When starting a new game, choose one fo the following difficulty modes: Dream, Normal, or Nightmare.

Dream Mode Easy Lunais will be instantly revived upon death, but disables some combat related achievements.
Normal Mode Normal The default way to play the game. Dying results in loss of progress since the last time you saved the game.
Nightmare Mode Hard Unlocked after beating the game at least once.


Gauge UI.png
HP Gauge Player's Health. Game ends when it reaches 0.
Sand Gauge Time Ability meter. Defeat enemies to restore.
Aura Gauge Spell Ability meter. Slowly restores on its own.