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In Timespinner, the Journal is a section in the Pause Menu where you can look at your Quests, Enemies, your Feats and any lore you may have found in the game. This lore is in 3 sections: Memories, Letters, and Downloads. Downloads can only be obtained once you acquire the Tablet

Warning: Lore spoilers below!


Time Messenger[edit]

  The encampment is a temporary one, as it always is. But
we have been here awhile, the shelters built up.

  The image is hazy. It was a long time ago.

  I'm speaking with my mother, and the elders.

  "Selen," she says, "what is our duty?"

  I am young. A child. I have been learning our history, as
all our children do.

 "The Qaelans are the sacred guardians of the
Timespinner," I recite.

  "Why must we protect it?"

  "It is ancient, and its powers are dangerous," I say,
uncertain this time.

  Mother nods. "If in the wrong hands, all the universe
could be changed. Now, how do we protect it?"

  This one I know. "Every generation we train a Time
Messenger. It's their job to use the Timespinner to go back
and warn the clan if there is ever a threat."

  "Only as a last resort, though," one of the elders says. I
wince, realizing my answer was only partial. The elder
follows with another question. "What are the consequences?"

  "When the Messenger uses the Timespinner, they are
erased from history; they never existed until they rejoin the
clan. This way there is no paradox."

  "Yes," Mother says. "Good job."

  I breathe a sigh of relief as Mother beckons me to
leave the center of the circle and return to her. She smiles
and gives me a big hug, lifting me up into her arms. "You did
great, Selen," she says, holding me tight.

  As she walks away from the circle, I overhear another
elder speak. "We have been here long. Resources are
becoming scarce. We should move on, soon."

  Looking up at Mother's face, I ask, "Can I train to be a
Time Messenger?"

  "Maybe," she says. "But I hope we will never need you,

A Message[edit]

  We had seen strange things in the sky. The elders sent
a scout, Undar, to the city to find out what they were.

  "Ships," she says. "From the stars. They are called
Lachiem, and bring great gifts for trade, in exchange for
our world's resources. The cityfolk say they seem friendly,
but... they have soldiers, too. Many soldiers."

  "Why are they here?" Mother asks. She is an elder, now.
I am training to be a Time Messenger, as I dreamed - though
none have been needed in generations.

  "I don't know, but - I overheard some in a tavern. They
seemed very interested in the Ancients."

  "Could they know about the Timespinner?"

  "How could they?" I ask.

  "Regardless, we should move on soon," Mother says."

  There is a commotion in the village. Voices shouting. A
woman I've never seen runs into the circle of elders. She is
sweating, panting.

  "Forgive me, Elders," she says. "My name is Olada. I am a
Time Messenger from this clan. We must leave now - Lachiem
is looking for the Timespinner. In my timeline, they found
us - forced us to tell them its location."

  My heart pumps. A Time Messenger! The elders nod. "We
will close the circle with out as we travel." We begin to

  Suddenly my training seems more than ritual. Suddenly
it's real.


  We move regularly; the Lachiemi still search for relics of
the Ancients. They have colonized the cities, take out
planet's resources into the sky on their ships, but they are
mostly peaceful. Still, we cannot allow them to find the
Timespinner, and so we cannot let them find us.

  It's been eight years since they arrived on Winderia. It's
been hard on us. A few elders have passed away, the
stress of moving so often too much for their old bones. And
there have been more Messengers. Three, now. Where once
generations would pass without the arrival of a Messenger,
now we fear more every day.

  Each time, we complete the circle. We hear their story
and they hear ours. We welcome them back into the clan.
They find new families. But the futures they reveal are
always grim, the grief in their eyes permanent.

  We train more Messengers now, too. We don't know how
many we will need - and we can never allow a Time
Messenger to go more than once. It is dangerous, mentally,
spiritually. The Journey is a sacrifice of your history, your
past existence.

  We will need fresh blood in the clan, soon. Some of the
women have planned journeys to the city, hoping to become

  We need supplies, too, and I have volunteered to trade.
I'm curious about the Lachiemi. About why they want the
Timespinner - or if they even know about it, specifically.

  The trip isn't long. There are other Time Messengers
who will remain while I'm away - younger ones than I, with
fewer ties to the clan. A small part of me still longs for a
chance at adventure, and a greater part would spare these
children their heavy burden - but mostly I dread my duty and
hope I won't be needed.

Lachiemi Sun[edit]

  We'd meet with traders before, but I'd never seen so
many people and goods in one place as in the city
marketplace. They bustle about on a million errands,
merchants shouting their wares - and Lachiemi soldiers
patrolling the streets in their purple armor. They have
declared Winderia part of their Empire, now; they rule, here.

  "Miss!" someone calls. "Can I interest you in some fruit
from the stars?" He's not local, and his wares are unlike
anything I've seen before.

  "What is this?" I ask, picking up a spiky purple bulb.

  "A Lachiemi Sun, sweetest fruit you'll ever eat!"

  "It's from Lachiem?"

  He laughs. "Nothing grows on Devastation any more. But
it's from one of the colonies! Where I'm from, in fact."

  I hear a cough behind me, and then - a group of imperial
soldiers stands around the booth, staring at the
merchant - though the leader stares only at me. My heart
begins to rush.

  "Ah, I'm sorry officers," the merchant stammers. "I
meant no disrespect to the Homeworld."

  "Don't let us hear you call Lachiem that name again," one
of the soldiers says.

  The merchant nods, but the leader continues to ignore
him. He removes his helmet to reveal a young face - and
handsome. His hair is bright blue, like all the native Lachiemi.

  The Lachiemi are said to be quick-tempered,
restless - but that blue hair is such a marvel...

  The officer smiles at me, and my pulse quickens, but
this time not from fear.

  "I overheard you ask about that fruit," he says. "You
have an eye for quality." He's noticed my starre, and I blush.
"Would you allow me to buy that for you? Everyone should
be graced with the taste of a Lachiemi Sun."

Moonlit Night[edit]

  I stay in the city for several days, hoping to explore
and trade. I end up spending much of my time with the
Lachiemi officer.

  "For all our history, we have been a restless people," he
tells me. He's told me much about their history, philosophy,
and art. "It drives us to explore, to go further into the
stars, to seek the unknown. There is so much beauty in the
universe, so many unseen wonders."

  "I used to have a drive like that," I say. "To be a hero,
to be the one my people look up to."

  "I think you still do!" he says. "There's a fire in your
eyes." He leans close, staring into them.

  I blush a little, but stare right back.

  "So if you have such drive to explore... why are you still
on our world?" I ask.

  "There's still a lot to see here," he says, softly. "I want
to understand other cultures, and perspectives. Help bring
their ideas into the Empire. I recognize our system is not
always perfect. We put a lot of focus on resources and
power but... I believe our drive is also toward
self-improvement. Or at least, that's how I'd like it to be."

  "A noble goal, but-"

  He interrupts me before I can finish. "I know. There is
still so much to be done... Wisdom to study. Allies to find..."

  I continue to stare into his eyes. They are full of
passion, but a quieter kind, now. His gorgeous blue head
draws closer to mine. "There is such beauty in the universe.
Wonders to discover," he continues.

  "Such as...?" I ask.

  He answers with his lips on mine.


  He arrived at night, running, panting. The village woke
quickly when we heard another Messenger had come.

  "Take your time," Mother says, as the clan gathered
around. She is old now, the Clanmother, leader of the circle
of elders - which grows smaller every year.

  "My name is Faron," he says. "They found us. We were
performing rites at the Timespinner. They must have been
spying on us - we had no warning." Suddenly, he starts crying.
Mother puts a calming hand on his shoulder.

  "They attacked us. Killed those who resisted. I was the
only Time Messenger who could get away. I-I wasn't
supposed to go. Not with-with a family... But I was the only
one..." He sobs. "Please - is Jiana here?"

  The villagers are all around us, listening. Jiana steps out
of the circle. He sees her, and runs to wrap her in his arms.
"Oh, Jiana, you're safe..."

  She is stiff. Her two husbands and a daughter stand
behind her. But she hugs him. "We were married?"

  "We had a son..."

  "I am sorry."

  Mother stands slowly. "We must prepare to leave, but
we will complete the circle soon after. Faron, I advise that
you take some time to gather your thoughts, as should you,
Jiana. You will be welcomed back to the clan, Faron, and will
always have a family in us all. However, it will be up to Jiana
if she will have you. Your sacrifice was especially great, and
this process will take time, but that is precisely what you
have bought us, Faron."

  He nods shakily. "Thank you."

  Mother turns to Kallin, our lead scout. "We must have
scouts in the woods at all times. The Lachiemi cannot be
allowed to find us again. Tomorrow, we move on."

  I put my hand to my belly - already growing larger. I can't
imagine leaving a child behind in another path of history. I
hope I will never have to act as Time Messenger, now.
I wonder if I'll have a choice.


  Mother passed away before Lunais was born. The whole
clan grieved with me, but we could not grieve for long.

  Lunais was born as we travelled. She had brilliant blue
hair, confirming in my mind who the father must have been.
The elders asked if I wanted to find him, to bring him into
the clan, but I said he couldn't be trusted - he's Lachiemi.
Anyway, I had no desire to see him again - he was never
meant to be a long-term commitment.

  Lunais is headstrong. She rallies the kids around her in
games of exploration and adventure. I try to teach her
patience, but it comes slowly. But she's strong.

  Not like Faron and Jiana's son. Yorne is quiet, and he can
be mean. But I cannot blame him. Faron gives him little
attention - Yorne seems unable to replace Faron's previous
son, from the other history, no matter how hard he tries. In
his mind, his family is lost to the sands. Jiana gave him a
son, but despite her best intentions, she could not give him
the kind of family he wanted. I understand now why Mother
privately cautioned her.

  "Lunais, wait up!" Yorne calls as they race around the

  Lunais pauses, then Yorne rushes past her. "Ha, sucker!"

  Lunais snarls and gives chase - sticks float in the air
around her head. Her aura is powerful. More powerful than

  We will have to train her as a Time Messenger. We may
have to train them both.

  We can't keep on like this, or we will lose our whole clan
to other histories.

A Solution[edit]

  "We can't go on like this, one Time Messenger after
another," I say. The elders sit around me; I have joined their
circle now.

  Clanmother Undar nods. "The Lachiemi have increased
their patrols in recent years. You're right, Selen - we cannot
do this forever. They will find the Timespinner."

  One of her wives, Thea, crosses her arms. "We cannot
give up."

  "We need a new plan," I say. "I can't risk using the
Timespinner now, with Lunais. We only have a few
Messengers left, and we can't train them fast enough. What
we need is... a new *kind* of Time Messenger."

  "What do you have in mind?" Undar asks.

  "Our traditions have always been for the Time
Messenger to only come back as far as necessary to keep
the clan safe, so as not to distort history too much."

  "We have no idea if Time can withstand more than a
small amount of change at a time," Thea says.

  I nod. "But we must take a chance. I propose we train
one Time Messenger to go back *further.* Go into the past.
Prevent the Lachiemi from ever learning about the
Timespinner if we can. Do something that will keep them
from *ever* being a problem."

  "That's a huge change!" Thea says. "It will completely
change our history - we don't even know if we will still exist!"

  "But it must be done!" I say. "The Timespinner is all that

  "And who would you propose be this new Time
Messenger?" Undar asks. But she already knows my answer
from the glint in my eye.

An Old Friend[edit]

  I am in the city once more. It has been many years since
I made the journey, but we needed supplies, including some
for Lunais's party. Her training is nearly complete, and she
will be a Time Messenger as soon as the celebration is done.
I'm so proud of her, but also so away of the dangers and
pain we are asking her to endure...

  I am also hoping to learn more about the Lachiemi,
perhaps get some clue to their movements. Perhaps some
information Lunais can use to stop them forever.

  I examine a crate of Lachiemi Suns in the marketplace,
hoping to get one for Lunais. She won't understand the
importance, but maybe one day...

  There's a large Lachiem patrol nearby - it's not nearly as
bustling as last time I was here. I casually scrutinize a Sun
as they pass, hoping to avoid attention.

  I'm unsuccessful.


  I recognize the voice. I turn as he takes off his helmet.
He has a beard now, blue as his hair, but it's definitely him.

  "Nuvius," I say.

  "That's *Emperor* Nuvius," one of his guards snarls.

  My eyes widen.

  "It's okay, Carrack." He smiles at me. "I never thought I'd
see you again." He moves to embrace me, and I fight the
urge to recoil. There are so many soldiers...

  "Emperor?" I manage.

  He stays close when he releases me, and lowers his
voice. "Yes. I was merely a prince when I saw you last, and
didn't want you to like me just for my power... But come! We
must catch up. Dinner, somewhere? I know a lovely little
spot..." He gestures a path through his squad of guards, and
they part on command, snapping to attention.

  Emperor of Lachiem... but what choice do I have? I nod.

Twilight Dinner[edit]

  To his credit, the spot he found for dinner is lovely. A
view of the ocean, twilight surrounding us, a warm breeze
rustling the trees. Still, I am profoundly uncomfortable.

  "I've always hoped I would see you again," Nuvius says
to me, pouring me a glass of win. "How come you never

  "I had... other things to take care of," I say.

  "Come, like what?"

  "I became a leader of my clan."

  "Ah! Wonderful! We are both leaders, then. That night, all
those years ago, I meant what I said about wanting to find
a wise ally."

  "Truly, Nuvius? Your people have taken so much from
our world," I say, hoping his response will reveal the desire
for self-improvement I remember.

  "What we have taken, we have given back tenfold!" he

  I look down.

  "But... perhaps... I haven't had the right counsellor," he
recovers. "I still think about that night so long ago. Of the
family we would have had."

  I try to hide my reaction but I can tell by his that I've

  "What?" He stops drinking his wine and looks at me.
"There's something you're not telling me."

  "I had a daughter, Nuvius." I am stunned at my own
admission. I'm panicking. I need to get out of here.

  His eyes widen. "Is she...?"

  I nod reluctantly.

  "A daughter!" His eyes have lit up. "That's perfect! That's
wonderful! What's her name?"

  "Lunais." I feel like throwing up.

  "Lunais! Selen, I'm so please. You must bring her to me!"

  I shake my head and stammer, "My clan is very private,
Nuvius. We do not let outsiders-"

  "Who cares about your clan?" He downs his glass of
wine, and pours another. "I am the Emperor! You will come
back with me, you and Lunais. You can be my queen! We can
rule the galaxy together!"

  I'm speechless, for a moment. "What?" is all I can

  "Selen, I have wanted this for years. I love you! That's
why I've wanted to see you again for so long. You can have
anything you've ever wanted, just come with me! We can be
together forever!"

  I balk. "You *love* me? You knew me for three days,
almost twenty years ago!"

  "And I never forgot you. I've always loved you. I longed
for a family with you, and here my wish is fulfilled!"

  "Well, I'm sorry Nuvius. It's not mutual. You were- a fling!
You were fun, and you were an important infusion of new
blood to our clan, but I never *loved* you."

  "Nonsense!" he says. "I rule this world, Selen, and so
many others. Think of that power! What we can do together,
if you will be mine. You can rule with me!"

  "You're responsible for so much pain on this world!" I
can't stop myself from saying. "Winderia chafes in your grip;
it was powerful before you showed up."

  "It doesn't matter, as long as you're with me."

  "No. I will never be with you."

  "But you're *mine*!" His voice is rising. I stand up, suddenly
very scared. "You and my daughter! I will have you!"

  "I'm leaving, Nuvius."

  "Fine! I don't need you. But I *will* have my daughter.
Tell me where she is and you can go."

  "Leave us alone!"

  He lunges for me, but wine has made him sloppy already.
I flee.

  "You can't keep her from me!" I hear him scream. "I will
find you, bitch!"

Final Circle[edit]

  The circle of elders is very quiet. I've just told them
that Lunais's father is the Lachiemi emperor - the man
responsible for so many of our woes.

  "This is a disaster. He will redouble his efforts to find
us," Clanmother Undar says.

  "I know," I reply, full of shame and fear. "We must act
quickly. We must set our plan in motion."

  Lunais's birthday celebration - her officially becoming a
Time Messenger - is tonight!" Thea says. "But I fear she's not

  "Send me with her," I say.


  The Clanmother shakes her head. "Two have never gone
through the Timespinner together, before."

  "We should try. If I go, I will never have existed - and so
the Emperor will have no one to hate! But if I never existed,
Lunais will never have been born, and we *need* her. if we
go together, perhaps we will both survive together. And we
can stop Nuvius, and the Lachiemi."

  "It is a huge risk," Thea says."

  "But it must be done," Undar replies. "We have little
choice any more. We must try."

  I nod. "Thank you, Clanmother."

  "But let Lunais have her celebration. She has worked so
hard for this. After the procession to the Timespinner, you
can tell her our plans."

  I nod again. "Very well."


Lachiem Expedition[edit]

  Jarol Kail, Head of Thaumaturgical Studies
  University of Plothar Province, Vilete

  We have concluded our thaumaturgical analysis
of the portal and the world beyond. We have
confirmed that it is Lachiem, our sister world in
the sky. Untouched by civilization, it abounds with
life - at times to a dangerous degree (see Appendix
B, Megafauna). It is rich with natural resources.
  Unfortunately, Lachiem also completely lacks
the presence of Plasma in its atmosphere. As soon
as our team moved beyond the portal, its effects
were felt; the longer we stayed, the more
pronounced the symptoms. We have called this
disease the Bleakness - it weakens our auras,
creates fatigue and irritability, pain and weakness. I
fear that prolonged exposure could result in death
for some constitutions.
  Therefore, despite the rich potential of the
world, it is with regret that I must recommend for
the safety of our people that the portal to
Lachiem not be used.
  We will continue to study the aetherial flow of
the portal from this side.

The Prime Edicts[edit]

  The Prime Edicts of Truant Vol Terrilis, First
Emperor of the United Vilete

  Powers of the Aura are our birthright, the gift
of the Plasma. Those with magical ability are the
natural apex of our race. We must secure the
existence of our people and a future for magical

  We seek to improve ourselves and our auras
through research, alchemy, exploration and

  Those with powerful auras are the natural
leaders of the people. Those with powerful auras
shall be raised by the magical elite as is their
rightful place.

  Those who defy this new order will be
sentenced to Lachiem, to live out their lives
deprived of the blessed Plasma.

  Through magic, our world is made whole. We are
the people of all Vilete, one world, with one
purpose, under one Leader.

Letter of Reference[edit]

  Letter of Reference for Aelana to the Court
of United Vilete

  To whom it may concern,
  I am writing to recommend a place for my
student, Aelana, among the court wizards of the
  We discovered Aelana thirteen years ago, during
a scholarship recruitment tour through the
undercity. Although Aelana was born to low class
parentes with no aptitude, she manifested a most
powerful aura after being placed under duress. As
mandated, we took her and trained her in our royal
academy. She quickly took to our teachings, and
proved her skill and talent beyond most of her
young age
  Further, she is a compassionate person, a
diplomatic speaker, and a fierce believer in the
potential of United Vilete. While she still has much
to experience, and must learn to better control her
temper, we believe she would be a valuable member
of the court, and could prove to be an important
politician in years to come
  If you have any questions, do not hesitate to
reach out.

  Thraena the Red, Headmaster of the Wriynar
Royal Academy.

Declaration of Independence[edit]

  Declaration of Lachiemi Independence to the
rulers of Vilete:

  As of this day, I, newly-crowned Queen Philia of
Lachiem, declare our world an independent nation,
no longer under the purview of Viletian control.
  You may have sent us here as prisoners, but
Lachiem is not your colony to control. Left
ungoverned, we have chosen to govern ourselves.
We reject your fascist regime; we reject your
aura-centric meritocracy; we reject your
  We believe all are equal regardless of strength
of aura. We believe all deserve life despite the
harshness of it without Plasma. We will fight for
our rights and our lives. We will thrive here.
  Lachiem will be powerful. Let Vilete always
remember how their cruelty led to our ascendance.

  - Queen Philia, First Sovereign of Independent

Political Advice[edit]

  Emperor Vol Terrilis,

  I know I have only been an advisor to you for
a couple of years, but I hope you will hear me out
on this recent issue of the so-called independence
of Lachiem.   You instinct will be to lash out in retribution
against the "Lachiemi"; after all, do prisoners get
to declare independence from their jailors? Of
course not.
  But that is all Philia is truly doing - making an
empty statement. Independence means nothing
within the walls of a prison. They may state such,
but they still remain on Lachiem while we control
the only portal to and from it - the walls of the
prison, if you will.
  Nonetheless, the population of Lachiem has
been growing, especially since your most recent
Security and Justice Decrees. While I don't believe
the Lachiemi to be a true threat - after all, those
few with auras are weak on that world - given
enough impetus, they could organize and attempt to
strike back against us. Any conflict, no matter how
much in our favor, will result in some death, not to
mention further unrest among our people.
  It is thus my recommendation that we allow the
Lachiemi to believe in their independence, and not
to strike back against this more.

  Sincerely,   Aelana



  You are Naive if you think that allowing these
Lachiemi to believe they have truly escape my ire
by declaring some kind of independence will prevent
eventual strife. The more powerful they think they
are, the more likely they will initiate conflict. They
are, after all, a world of criminals.
  However, I have no need to antagonize them
directly. We are powerful; they are weak.
  If you truly think they will remain peaceful, I
invite you to visit them. Go as an "ambassador," and
see how they respond to diplomacy. You will see
that it is hopeless - and when you return, I shall
have prepared a strike force to remind them - and
our citizens - who holds the power.

  - V.T.

Diplomatic Missive[edit]


  I have sent this letter under the guise of a
diplomatic missive; I hope it reaches you safely.

  To put it simply, I miss you. Since returning to
Vilete, I have been able to think of little but our
time together - our talks in the gardens, the dinners
under the blue sky, your warmth in the cold nights...
Even the early signs of Bleakness were nothing
next to your touch.
  You have opened my eyes, Philia. Now that I am
back on Vilete, I begin to see those things I never
saw before - I live in such an open environment, I
did not see that oppression that lives beneath it.
How the very culture works to hold down those
without auras while blinding the upper classes to
their struggles. How their needs are invisible to us.
It is not simply a class of hierarchy; they are
treated as less than human.
  Meanwhile, we seek to exterminate them
altogether. The magic class is socially forbidden
from fraternizing with those without, let alone to
have children with them. We are breeding a more
powerful race of magic users. Like Vol Terrilis is
simply waiting for the rest to die off.
  Or killing those who don't die off fast enough.
  Vol Terrilis is powerful, and concerned only with
his power; there will be no reconciliation with
Lachiem, nor victory in conflict. However, I will see
what I can do in the courts. Perhaps I can find a
way to make things easier for you.
  I hope construction of your castle continues to
go well.

  I miss you.

  With love,

Mission Findings[edit]

  Emperor Vol Terrilis,

  As you know, I recently returned from an
extended diplomatic mission to Vilete - despite your
  To put it simply, the sheer numbers that have
been sent to Lachiem as part of your edicts on
public safety made the formation of their society
inevitable. It is a human drive to survive, and the
Lachiemi have begun to work together to do simply
that - despite their suffering. They are, like it or
note, a fully functioning society, independent from
our control. And without subjecting our own people
to the Bleakness, they must remain so.
  However, I believe the existence of the
Lachiemi society can be benefit to us. We still
are able to remove the undesirables from Vilete,
and there will be less unrest among our own
citizens if they know that criminals have some hope
of life beyond the portal.
  Furthermore, when the Lachiem was first
discovered, it was noted to be rich in natural
resources; plans to colonize were halted only
because of the Bleakness. But Queen Philia's society
exists now regardless, and that means those
resources are now available.
  I propose a treaty with the Lachiemi to trade
for those resources. We gain their benefits with
none of the human cost. In exchange, we can offer
them Plasma Pods - allow them to mitigate the
worst of the Bleakness, allow them to live more
comfortably such that we can better profit off
their labors.
  There is benefit to accepting their society,
Emperor. I'd hate to waste it. I'd happily continue as
an official ambassador, if you deem it appropriate.


The War of the Sisters[edit]

  It is the Year of the Sisters 47. It will be known as
the year of the War of the Sisters began. I hope this
record will survive as a testament to history.
  I returned to Lachiem to "officially" deliver Vol
Terrilis's refusal of a treaty with Queen Philia. In
truth, I had no intention of returning to Vilete. Vol
Terrilis has proven that he is only concerned with
himself and his own power.
  In fact, I am the new Princess of Lachiem,
having been married to Queen Philia in a brief
ceremony. We will rule Lachiem together, and better
than Vol Terrilis ever did Vilete. Unfortunately, it
became clear that that would mean war.
  I was resistant - could we not simply try to live
separate from Vilete? But Philia has been here far
longer than I. She understands that there is no
peaceful existence under a fascist, even if he is
on another world.
  But we were at a loss. How could be - with so
few auras, and so weakened by the Bleakness - hope
to fight against Vol Terrilis's army? Even the
passion inspired by rebellion would not be enough
for our soldiers.
  It was in the depths of despair and anger one
night that the Immortals appeared to us.
  I understand them to be powerful spirits,
Manifestations of magical energy - perhaps pure
auras. They offered their help.
  It wasn't an easy decision. But it was a
necessary one. Only with their help would we have
a chance against Vilete
  They have given us power. They have given us
  The war of the Sisters...

  We do what we must.
  - Princess Aelana of Lachiem

Peace Treaty[edit]

  Emperor Vol Terrilis,

  I send this missive with Queen Philia, rightful
ruler of the Independent Lachiem, to augment her
entreaty for peace. I offered to come in her
stead, given our history together, but she believed
it important to represent her world herself. I hope
you recognize the honor in that.
  We have taken control of the portal between
our worlds. As you have seen, we have strength;
we have allies. We have learned to survive on this
world; we will not fall even to the Bleakness. If
this conflict continues, thousands more will die, and
you will be no closer to subduing us.
We entreat you: let us end this now. We are
still willing to negotiate an arrangement like I
suggested those years ago; some of the vast
resources of Lachiem for Plasma from Vilete. A
mutually beneficial arrangement.
  Please listen to Philia. She is wise, and she
wants only peace.
  Don't make the same mistake as before.

  - Princess Aelana of Lachiem

Stained Letter[edit]


  You are a fool. Lachiem belongs to me - you are
but prisoners.
  Do not forget that.
  And do not expect to see your dear Philia again.
  She must serve as an example to those who
would defy me.

  - Emperor Truant Vol Terrilis of United Vilete



  Lachiem is a moon of the gas giant planet Corandar; it is
the only life-bearing planet in the solar system of Parat
Ankha. The planet's atmosphere is made of breathable air
and has an ozone layer and magnetic field that protects it
from Corandar's radiation.

  Lachiem is the home world of the Lachiem Empire. Since
developing space travel technology in 928 AE, the empire's
benevolent reach has spread throughout the Erneah galaxy.

Lachiem (+)[edit]

  Lachiem is a moon of the gas giant planet Corandar; it is
one of two life-bearing planets in the solar system of
Parat Ankha. The planet has an ozone layer and magnetic
field that protects it from Corandar's radiation. During the
second War of the Sisters, Lachiem's atmosphere was
poisoned by Viletian chemical weapons.

  Lachiem is the home world of the Lachiem Empire. Since
developing space travel technology in 918 AE, the empire's
benevolent reach has spread throughout the Erneah galaxy.


  Vilete was a moon orbiting the gas giant planet of
Corandar and was one of two life-bearing planets in the
Parat Ankha solar system. The planet had a unique
atmosphere, called a Plasmosphere, which was full of
Plasma, a unique type of radiation.

  In 38 AE, at the climax of the War of the Sisters, the
planet was destroyed. Today the remains of the planet can
still be seen in the Lachiem sky, as magenta colored rings
surrounding Corandar.

Vilete (+)[edit]

  Vilete is a moon orbiting the gas giant planet of
Corandar and is one of two life bearing planets in the Parat
Ankha solar system. The planet has a unique atmosphere,
called a Plasmosphere, which is full of Plasma, a special
type of radiation.

  In 14 BE, a portal to Lachiem was discovered on a
remote island in Plothar province of Vilete. In 1 AE, the ruler
of Vilete began colonizing Lachiem. In 38 AE, at the climax of
the War of the Sisters, the portal between the planets was

  Vilete was conquered by Lachiem in 1025 AE, after a 9
year war.

War of the Sisters[edit]

  Lachiem's bitter rival, Vilete, was ruled by a mad despot
who wished to control Lachiem's resources.

  In 38AE, after Lachiem rebelled against Vilete's
oppression, they took control of the portal between world
and built a device that would destroy it forever - and
destroy all of Vilete with it. This harrowing but necessary
act by Queen Aelana the Great, founder of the Lachiemi
Empire, ended Vilete's evil forever and won the War of the
Sisters for Lachiem, beginning a new golden era.

War of the Sisters (+)[edit]

  Lachiem's bitter rival, Vilete, was ruled by a mad despot
who wished to control Lachiem's resources.

  In 38AE, after Lachiem rebelled against Vilete's
oppression, they destroyed the portal between the world.
This brave act by Queen Aelana the Great, founder of the
Lachiemi Empire, ended Vilete's oppression and won the War
of the Sisters for Lachiem, beginning a new golden era.

Bleakness Research[edit]

  Proposed methods and their efficacy in curing the Bleakness


  The Bleakness, a genetic medical condition that has been
linked to several negative symptoms, has plagued Lachiem
natives for over a millennium. In this paper, we propose
possible cures for the disease by gene modification,
infusions of synthetic plasma, and temporary exposure to
plasma radiation. User testing consisted of 50 adults (per
technique) between the age of 20 and 40. Results were
statistically significant for all techniques on both short-term
and long-term examinations (p-values less than 0.01). Short
term measurements show that relief is reported by and
measured in 0% of the gene modification subjects, 88% of
the synthetic plasma subjects, and 100% of the plasma
radiation subjects. Long term measurements show that this
reported relief, experienced by two of the test groups,
does not last, with 86.2% returning to baseline discomfort
within one week, and 100% by three weeks. We recommend
that further research is done on gene modification as
technology improves.

Emperor Nuvius[edit]

  Nuvius Erovia has been the rule of the empire of
Lachiem since 1045 AE. The great emperor's reign oversees
not only the home world of Lachiem, but the many habitable
exoplanets that have been discovered and colonized
throughout the Erneah galaxy.

  Nuvius was born in Varndagray Metropolis as the only
child to Emperor Leonius in 1013 AE. At a young age he
possessed a natural aptitude for magic and thus was
privately educated and groomed to become a powerful
warrior. As heir presumptive, Nuvius began to take on
leadership roles in the military when he came of age.

  In 1045 AE, Nuvius, following traditional rites of
succession, challenged his father to mortal combat. Being
the victor, Nuvius ascended to the throne. Under Nuvius's
rule, the empire has flourished more than it ever has


  Winderia is a small pastoral planet in the Erneah galaxy.
The exoplanet was first discovered by Lachiemi scientists in
869 AE via high-powered telescopes.

  In 1032 AE the imperial spaceship "Ambition" made a
successful voyage to Winderia, but remained in orbit in order
to study the planet and its civilization from afar. After
several months of research, it was deemed prudent to make
contact with intelligent inhabitants of the planet.

  The Winderian natives proved to be peaceful and,
eventually, a successful trading agreement was established
between Lachiem and Winderia. The Empire now freely trades
technology with the Winderians in exchange for their natural
resources. Despite a few minor rebellions, the Empire's
relationship with Winderia is considered to be very positive.

W.R.E.C. Farewell[edit]

  The WREC program (War Robots of Extinct Creatures) is
finally being phased out. After its successful run of over
three decades, including one trans-planetary war, we have
decided to discard all unused units. A part of me will miss
WREC, as its usage of long since dead animals as inspiration
for each new model was always quite endearing to me. It
was as if the designers were uttering a quiet apology for
eradicating that animal's entire species (whether that
extinction was intentional or not!)

  Nevertheless, the new technology that we are receiving
from our mysterious "ally" is undoubtedly far superior to
any unit from the WREC program - be it in speed or cost, to
simple lethality.

  Despite these new exciting advances in science, a
part of me will always miss the quaint little creatures from
the WREC line.


  The new line of biotechnology war machines is proving to
be quite effective. I would've never imagined juxtaposing
simple metallic automata with literal biological organs. I'm
surprised by the practicality of using enormous organic eyes
as an ocular source for robots - enhanced as they are. Of
course, an intentional side effect of the design is that they
are so unsettling.

  The individual who spearheaded this new technology,
Amadeus, is somewhat of an enigma to me. He claims to be
from Surfflynd, but I find that claim preposterous,
considering the primitive level of scientific advancement of
that planet. My skepticism is not shared with the new
emperor, however - at least, he doesn't seem to care.
Perhaps I will attempt to reverse engineer Amadeus' biotech
creations. It may be that I will find my answers there.

Experiment #11[edit]

  ...the subject exhibited an advanced growth rate, as well
as the addition of new psychic abilities, despite the
subject's parents being completely void of any talent.
Although my colleagues consider this experiment to be a
failure, as we've yet to achieve our true goal, I believe it at
least a step in the right direction. This will serve as a
springboard for my next experiment...

  As a side note: Some of my colleagues appear to be
squeamish about the lengths we are going for this research.
I do not blame them: the process of splicing unknown
organic material into the embryo of a Winderian commoner is
quite a leap from most modern scientific techniques. I know
I do evil. But I posit that reaching further, faster, is
ultimately our ethical imperative. Scientific advancement
beyond Amadeus's design will allow us to move beyond
dependency of the demons. We will bring order to the empire.
Is that not the true Lachiemi way?

Experiment #13[edit] the results off my last few experiments, I decided
to try splicing the biotech DNA into that of a grown Lachiemi
nobleman. Monstrous, yes, but our emperor has given me
leeway in my work. He appears to be very happy with my
ability to make political opponents disappear. A fortunate
side-effect, I suppose.

  The effects of the splicing on the subject occurred
very quickly, but not without apparent physical discomfort
on the subject's part. The final beneficial results are: a
rapid growth in the body's size and strength (much faster
than any of the run-of-the-mill DNA enhancements, which are so
popular among the wealthy) as well as a marked
improvement in the magical ability. However, the negative side
effects of the procedure, such as skin sloughing off and
an...irregular restructuring of muscles, have made this
procedure unfit for any practical applications.

  The results of this experiment seem consistent with
demonic designs. I have seen this sort of monstrosity
before. I am not yet free of their influence. Perhaps we
must move beyond their biotechnical designs altogether. I will
do whatever it takes... I have to meditate on this...


  There is a strong psychic aura possessed by the biotech
monstrosities Amadeus has helped us design. I now know
why: between my reverse-engineering and some further
Z research into history (of all things) I can only conclude that
Amadeus is a psychic being himself. A demon, to use the
crude parlance.

  There is no doubt that his techniques will be of benefit
to Lachiem; they've already proven deadly. But there's a
reason for the fear their designs engender. He - and his kin,
for I believe there are more of them - feed on the hatred,
disgust, and the chaos that follows them.

  It aids Lachiem for now. But continued reliance on them
will not do. Lachiem is built on order, on control; we cannot
have such chaos following us everywhere. I must find a way
to rid us of these so-called allies.