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Timespinner supports a 2-player asymmetric local co-op mode with drop-in/drop-out.

Activating the co-op[edit]

Once you get your first Familiars, a secondary player can assume its control by pressing start on another joystick.

The familiar can't get hit, and can move freely around the screen. It can perform a melee attack, and when charged, a special attack, unique per Familiar.

It's also possible to quick-switch familiars by using LB/RB.


Currently, it's required to have 2 connected joysticks to play local co-op, as both the first joystick and keyboard are reserved to the main character/player 1.

Playing online[edit]

Even though the co-op is only local, it's possible to play it online using Parsec, NVIDIA GameStream, or any other technology that allows remote play.