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In the Options menu you can change Audio Volume, Video Settings, and player input settings. You can also view the game's credits.

Controller Settings[edit]

This menu lets you change how Lunais is controlled. You can set which button triggers which character action. It also has the option to toggle controller rumble on or off.

Both Gamepad and Keyboard inputs are accepted!

Local Co-Op[edit]

Familiars can be controlled by a second player! Change how the Familiar is controlled by selecting "Toggle Character". By default, Familiars can be activated by pressing START on another controller!

Audio Settings[edit]

In this menu you can change how loud the game's audio is. You can individually change each audio category: Music, Character Voices, or Sound Effects. You can also adjust how loud all audio is in the game via Master Volume.

Use the "Default Settings" option to restore all volumes to maximum!

Video Settings[edit]

This menu lets you change the game's screen resolution. You can also toggle Fullscreen mode On or Off. Fullscreen defaults to rendering in 1280x720,

If you are using a resolution which is not a multiple of 400x240, a Border Frame will be drawn on the edge of the screen. Toggle that border here.


If this entry is selected a credits reel will roll - displaying the names of the team who worked on the game as well as kickstarter backers.


Available once you started a game. Can be used to unlock:

  • Merchant Crow + Special Kickstarter Backer Exclusive Skin ("Greed Brooch" in the Relics menu to toggle skins)
  • Meyef Specia] Kickstarter Backer Exclusive Skin ("Wyrm Brooch" in the Relics menu to toggle skins)
  • Umbra Orb (Kickstarter Backer Exclusive)
  • Nightmare Mode (Without needing to beat the game first)

Kickstarter Exclusive passwords are personalized and were sent via email in late September 2018.