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Your bread-and-butter melee attacks. You can have up to two different types of Orb equipped simultaneously. Damage, attack element, and range vary between orbs.

Icon Name Description Related Spell Related Passive Element
Blue Orb.png
Blue Orb A seemingly ordinary crystal ball. Good for bashing foes. Aura Blast Bleak Ring Blunt
Blade Orb.png
Blade Orb An orb of crystallized blades that slices foes. Colossal Blade Scythe Ring Sharp
Fire Orb.png
Fire Orb An orb of crystallized fire that splits into two fireballs. Infernal Flames Pyro Ring Fire
Plasma Orb.png
Plasma Orb A royal Viletian orb of crystallized plasma. Electrocutes foes at the cost of Aura. Plasma Geyser Royal Ring Plasma
Iron Orb.png
Iron Orb An orb of pure iron that crushes foes. Colossal Hammer Shield Ring Blunt
Ice Orb.png
Ice Orb Creates deadly icicles on the ground. Frozen Spires Icicle Ring Ice
Wind Orb.png
Wind Orb Slices foes with supersonic gusts of wind. Storm Eye Tailwind Ring Sharp
Gun Orb.png
Gun Orb An orb that imitates a standard issue Empire Handgun. Arm Cannon Economizer Ring Sharp
Umbra Orb.png
Umbra Orb Destroy foes with a dark projection attack. Dark Flames Dusk Ring Chaos
Empire Orb.png
Empire Orb Pulverize foes with an Aura fist. Aura Serpent Star of Lachiem Aura
Eye Orb.png
Eye Orb A fleshy oculus that slices through unwitting foes. Chaos Blades Oculus Ring Sharp
Blood Orb.png
Blood Orb Exsanguinate foes with orbs of cursed blood. Crimson Vortex Sanguine Ring Chaos
Forbidden Tome.png
Forbidden Tome Conjures scimitars to cut down foes. Djinn Inferno Sun Ring Sharp
Shattered Orb.png
Shattered Orb Barrage enemies with shards of a moon. Bombardment Silence Ring Blunt
Nether Orb.png
Nether Orb Rip enemies apart with dimension rifts. Corruption Shadow Seal Blunt
Radiant Orb.png
Radiant Orb Creates a shockwave of light around the caster. Lightwall Hope Ring Radiant