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Passive abilities are provided by equipping rings. These can be found, or purchased.

After the ring is equipped a bonus will be applied and remain active without requiring any activation. Because there is a single ring equipment slot, only one passive ability can be active at any given time.

Icon Name Description Related Orb Related Spell
Bleak Ring.png
Bleak Ring Sequential attacks boost melee damage, but also increase damage taken. Blue Orb Aura Blast
Scythe Ring.png
Scythe Ring Surrounds melee orbs with spinning scythes that slice enemies. Blade Orb Colossal Blade
Pyro Ring.png
Pyro Ring Immolates melee attacks, causing them to ignite enemies and objects. Fire Orb Infernal Flames
Royal Ring.png
Royal Ring Refreshes the mind, increasing Aura recovery rate. Plasma Orb Plasma Geyser
Shield Ring.png
Shield Ring Summons a shield to block enemy projectiles. Iron Orb Colossal Hammer
Icicle Ring.png
Icicle Ring Causes melee attacks to shoot icicle arrows. Ice Orb Frozen Spires
Tailwind Ring.png
Tailwind Ring Expends Aura points to strengthen melee attacks. Wind Orb Storm Eye
Economizer Ring.png
Economizer Ring Reduces the Aura cost of Spells. Gun Orb Arm Cannon
Dusk Ring.png
Dusk Ring Defeated enemies restore health. Umbra Orb Dark Flames
Star of Lachiem.png
Star of Lachiem Attack a third time if all melee orbs are busy. Empire Orb Aura Serpent
Oculus Ring.png
Oculus Ring Reveals hidden passageways. Eye Orb Chaos Blades
Sanguine Ring.png
Sanguine Ring Absorb health from enemies hit with melee orbs. Blood Orb Crimson Vortex
Sun Ring.png
Sun Ring Health replenishes over time. Forbidden Tome Djinn Inferno
Silence Ring.png
Silence Ring Reduces damage taken. Shattered Orb Bombardment
Shadow Seal.png
Shadow Seal Missing health increases melee damage. Nether Orb Corruption
Hope Ring.png
Hope Ring Envelops your familiar with a projectile blocking shield. Radiant Orb Lightwall