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Timespinner is a story-driven Metroidvania adventure, inspired by classic 90s action-platformers.

The game follows timekeeper Lunais on her quest for revenge against the empire that killed her family, using time-bending powers to explore a vast connected world. After her family is murdered in front of her and the ancient Timespinner device destroyed, Lunais is suddenly transported into an unknown world, stranded with seemingly no hope of return. Using her power to control time, she vows to take her revenge on the evil Lachiem Empire, but sometimes the course of history isn't quite as black and white as it seems...


Timespinner was developed by Lunar Ray Games. The game's art, programming, and design were all developed by Bodie Lee, with music composed by Jeff Ball.

The setting of the game, the galaxy of Erneah, has a rich interplanetary story that has been in development for over 20 years by Bodie Lee and his childhood friend, Paul Sehmel.

The first incarnation of Timespinner was made by Bodie for the final project for a game programming class at Western Washington University. It was ranked 1st out of all other student projects. A year later he decided to make his project into a full fledged indie game. The game was developed on nights and weekends over 5 years while he was working full-time in the game industry. In December 2013 he started working full-time on Timespinner. The next year Bodie launched a Kickstarter campaign to support the game's development. The campaign was funded in only one week, and exceeded its goal by over 300%!

The Kickstarter's success enabled Bodie to establish Lunar Ray Games and continue work full time developing Timespinner. In total the project took over eight years to produce!


Timespinner is scheduled for release on 25 September 2018 on PC, Playstation 4, and Playstation Vita.


Bodie Lee Pixel Artist, Programmer, Designer
Jeff Ball Composer
Power Up Audio Inc. Sound Design
Elspeth Eastman Voice Actress