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Icon Name Description
Potion A simple remedy made of mixed herbs. Heals 100 HP.
Ether A small tincture made for Viletian travelers. Restores 100 Aura.
Sand Vial.png
Sand Vial A vial of seemingly ordinary sand. Restores 50 Time Sand.
Hi-Potion A large remedy made of expensive ingredients. Heals 500 HP.
Hi-Ether A handcrafted tincture for Viletian royalty. Restores 350 Aura.
Sand Bottle.png
Sand Bottle A large bottle of seemingly ordinary sand. Restores 150 Time Sand.
Berry Pick-Mi-Up.png
Berry Pick-Mi-Up A popular candy product made of imported Mi Berries. Heals 50 HP.
Berry Pick-Mi-Up+.png
Berry Pick-Mi-Up+ A large value pack of imported Mi Berry candies. Heals 250 HP.
Mind Refresh.png
Mind Refresh A medical aerosol inhaler containing synthetic plasma. Restores 75 Aura.
Mind Refresh ULTRA.png
Mind Refresh ULTRA A large dose of synthetic plasma aerosol. Restores 250 Aura.
Antidote A mixture of pungent green herbs. Cures poison.
Chaos Rose.png
Chaos Rose A nondescript rose that can cure the Chaos status effect.
Warp Shard.png
Warp Shard A fragile glowing crystal. Use to teleport to the last Gate used.
Dream Wisp.png
Dream Wisp A weightless piece of candy. Gives exp to equipped familiar.
Lachiemi Sun.png
Lachiemi Sun A spiky purple fruit. Eat to restore some health.
Jerky Strips of dried meat that make perfect snacks for traveling.
Biscuit A delectable pastry made with large amounts of butter.
Fried Cheveur.png
Fried Cheveur A comfort food dish featuring crispy Cheveur drumsticks and gravy.
Sautéed Wyvern Tail.png
Sautéed Wyvern Tail A sautéed Copper Wyvern Tail drowning in a perfectly deglazed sauce.
Unagi Roll.png
Unagi Roll A succulent slice of freshwater eel on top of rice wrapped around crispy vegetables.
Cheveur au Vin.png
Cheveur au Vin A Lachiemi dish of Cheveur braised with wine and vegetables.
Royal Casserole.png
Royal Casserole A traditional Viletian casserole made with expensive ingredients.
Spaghetti A heaping plate of noodles covered in a red sauce garnished with herbs.
Plump Maggot.png
Plump Maggot At least it's a good source of protein?
Orange Juice.png
Orange Juice A tangy orange colored liquid.
Filigree Tea.png
Filigree Tea A perfectly steeped cup of Filigree Root Tea, fit for royalty.
Empress Cake.png
Empress Cake A decadent slice of a layered chocolate cake. Made famous by a powerful queen.
Rotten Tail.png
Rotten Tail You probably shouldn't eat it.
Alchemy Tools.png
Alchemy Tools An abandoned bag containing priceless Alchemy tools used to reinforce orbs.
Galaxy Stone.png
Galaxy Stone An extremely rare gemstone that looks like it contains a sea of stars.
Elemental Beads.png
Elemental Beads An assortment of small magic beads. Used by Alchemists to reinforce Orbs.
Essence Crystal.png
Essence Crystal A small piece of Essence Crystal. Used by Alchemists to create enchanted jewelry.
Gold Ring.png
Gold Ring A simple golden band. Used by Alchemists to create enchanted rings.
Gold Necklace.png
Gold Necklace A simple golden chain and charm. Used by Alchemists to create enchanted necklaces.
Herb A small leafy plant used in making medicine.
Mushroom A poisonous cap torn from a subterraneous mushroom tower.
Plasma Crystal.png
Plasma Crystal A pink glowing crystal found underground. Radiates a soothing light.
Plasma IV Bag.png
Plasma IV Bag A medical bag used for emergency synthetic Plasma infusions.
Cheveur Drumstick.png
Cheveur Drumstick A raw piece of meat taken from the leg of a Baby Cheveur.
Wyvern Tail.png
Wyvern Tail A plump tail taken from a Copper Wyvern.
Eel Meat.png
Eel Meat A juicy filet cut from a large freshwater eel.
Cheveur Breast.png
Cheveur Breast A hearty breast cut from a War-bred Cheveur.
Food Synthesizer.png
Food Synthesizer A portable machine that creates food from raw materials.
Cheveur Feather.png
Cheveur Feather A sturdy feather plucked from a mature Cheveur bird.
Siren Ink.png
Siren Ink Black ink collected from a beautiful Siren.
Plasma Core.png
Plasma Core A dormant core of a Plasma Pod. Will eventually regrow into an adult.
Silver Ore.png
Silver Ore A chunk of pure silver ore. Used by goldsmiths to make jewelry.
Historical Documents.png
Historical Documents A folder containing documents about historical Viletian warcrimes.