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Icon Name In-Game Description Recovery (Not all listed in game) Store Cost Dropped By
Potion A simple remedy made of mixed herbs. Heals 75 HP. 75 HP 300 Worm Blossom*
Ether A small tincture made for Viletian travelers. Restores 75 Aura. 75 Aura 400 Ectoplasm**
Sand Vial.png
Sand Vial A vial of seemingly ordinary sand. Restores 50 Time Sand. 50 Time Sand 500 Demon**
Hi-Potion A large remedy made of expensive ingredients. Heals 250 HP. 250 HP 1,500 n/a
Hi-Ether A handcrafted tincture for Viletian royalty. Restores 150 Aura. 150 Aura 1,350 Plasma Pod***
Sand Bottle.png
Sand Bottle A large bottle of seemingly ordinary sand. Restores 100 Time Sand. 100 Time Sand 1,500 Fiend**
Berry Pick-Mi-Up.png
Berry Pick-Mi-Up A popular candy product made of imported Mi Berries. Heals 50 HP. 50 HP 150 Blossom Automaton*
Mobile Blossom*
Berry Pick-Mi-Up+.png
Berry Pick-Mi-Up+ A large value pack of imported Mi Berry candies. Heals 150 HP. 150 HP 750 n/a
Mind Refresh.png
Mind Refresh A medical aerosol inhaler containing synthetic plasma. Restores 30 Aura. 30 Aura 300 Ceiling Star***
Mind Refresh ULTRA.png
Mind Refresh ULTRA A large dose of synthetic plasma aerosol. Restores 150 Aura. 150 Aura 1,000 n/a
Antidote A mixture of pungent green herbs. Cures poison. n/a 50 Poison Moth*
Mushroom Tower*
Fetid Wyvern*
Tenebrous Moth*
Creeping Fungus*
Chaos Rose.png
Chaos Rose A nondescript rose that can cure the Chaos status effect. n/a 100 Demon Guard*
Royal Guard*
Warp Shard.png
Warp Shard A fragile glowing crystal. Use to teleport to the last Gate used. n/a 125 Meteor Sparrow**
Dream Wisp.png
Dream Wisp A weightless piece of candy. Gives exp to equipped familiar. 100 XP 1 Justice***
Lachiemi Sun.png
Lachiemi Sun A spiky purple fruit. Eat to restore some health. 200 HP 100^ n/a
Jerky Strips of dried meat that make perfect snacks for traveling. 39 HP 125 n/a
Biscuit A delectable pastry made with large amounts of butter. 80 HP 240 n/a
Fried Cheveur.png
Fried Cheveur A comfort food dish featuring crispy Cheveur drumsticks and gravy. 100 HP 250 n/a
Sautéed Wyvern Tail.png
Sautéed Wyvern Tail A sautéed Copper Wyvern Tail drowning in a perfectly deglazed sauce. 150 HP 350 n/a
Unagi Roll.png
Unagi Roll A succulent slice of freshwater eel on top of rice wrapped around crispy vegetables. 200 HP 500 n/a
Cheveur au Vin.png
Cheveur au Vin A Lachiemi dish of Cheveur braised with wine and vegetables. 250 HP 650 n/a
Royal Casserole.png
Royal Casserole A traditional Viletian casserole made with expensive ingredients. 300 HP 800 n/a
Spaghetti A heaping plate of noodles covered in a red sauce garnished with herbs. 300 HP 600 n/a
Plump Maggot.png
Plump Maggot At least it's a good source of protein? 25 HP 50^ Cheveur-Fly*
Orange Juice.png
Orange Juice A tangy orange colored liquid. 35 Aura n/a Plantbat**
Filigree Tea.png
Filigree Tea A perfectly steeped cup of Filigree Root Tea, fit for royalty. 100 Aura n/a Ice Adept**
Empress Cake.png
Empress Cake A decadent slice of a layered chocolate cake. Made famous by a powerful queen. 400 HP n/a Galactic Sage**
Rotten Tail.png
Rotten Tail You probably shouldn't eat it. 0 HP 6 Fetid Wyvern*
Alchemy Tools.png
Alchemy Tools An abandoned bag containing priceless Alchemy tools used to reinforce orbs. n/a n/a n/a
Galaxy Stone.png
Galaxy Stone An extremely rare gemstone that looks like it contains a sea of stars. n/a n/a n/a
Elemental Beads.png
Elemental Beads An assortment of small magic beads. Used by Alchemists to reinforce Orbs. n/a 1,000 Ryshia*
Essence Crystal.png
Essence Crystal A small piece of Essence Crystal. Used by Alchemists to create enchanted jewelry. n/a 250 n/a
Gold Ring.png
Gold Ring A simple golden band. Used by Alchemists to create enchanted rings. n/a 500 n/a
Gold Necklace.png
Gold Necklace A simple golden chain and charm. Used by Alchemists to create enchanted necklaces. n/a 500 n/a
Herb A small leafy plant used in making medicine. n/a 30 Harvest Rat*
Mushroom A poisonous cap torn from a subterraneous mushroom tower. n/a 60 Mushroom Tower*
Plasma Crystal.png
Plasma Crystal A pink glowing crystal found underground. Radiates a soothing light. n/a n/a n/a
Plasma IV Bag.png
Plasma IV Bag A medical bag used for emergency synthetic Plasma infusions. n/a n/a n/a
Cheveur Drumstick.png
Cheveur Drumstick A raw piece of meat taken from the leg of a Baby Cheveur. n/a 40 Baby Cheveur*
Wyvern Tail.png
Wyvern Tail A plump tail taken from a Copper Wyvern. 0 HP 50 Copper Wyvern*
Eel Meat.png
Eel Meat A juicy filet cut from a large freshwater eel. n/a 100 Freshwater Eel**
Cheveur Breast.png
Cheveur Breast A hearty breast cut from a War-bred Cheveur. n/a 80 Cheveur Dragoon**
Food Synthesizer.png
Food Synthesizer A portable machine that creates food from raw materials. n/a n/a n/a
Cheveur Feather.png
Cheveur Feather A sturdy feather plucked from a mature Cheveur bird. n/a 70 Savage Cheveur*
Siren Ink.png
Siren Ink Black ink collected from a beautiful Siren. n/a 66 Siren*
Plasma Core.png
Plasma Core A dormant core of a Plasma Pod. Will eventually regrow into an adult. n/a 150 Plasma Pod*
Historical Documents.png
Historical Documents A folder containing documents about historical Viletian warcrimes. n/a n/a n/a
* = Rarity. More stars = more rare drop.

^ Note: these healing items are not purchasable. They are only available as drops and their value is based on half of their sale value at the store.

Healing Item Value[edit]

The relative value of healing items purchasable through in-game shops (HP / cost)


^ Note: these healing items are not purchasable. They are only available as drops and their value is based on half of their sale value at the store.