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Icon Name Description
Timespinner Wheel.png Timespinner Wheel Spinning wheel of the Timespinner. Unlocks the ability to stop or resume the flow of time.
Timespinner Spindle.png Timespinner Spindle Spindle of the Timespinner. Allows limited time travel.
Timespinner Gear 1.png Timespinner Gear 1 Tuning gear needed to accurately use the Timespinner. 1st in set of 3.
Timespinner Gear 2.png Timespinner Gear 2 Tuning gear needed to accurately use the Timespinner. 2nd in set of 3.
Timespinner Gear 3.png Timespinner Gear 3 Tuning gear needed to accurately use the Timespinner. 3rd in set of 3.
Twin Pyramid Key.png Twin Pyramid Key A pair of golden ceramic pyramids. Allows travel (& time travel) between previously visited gates.
Celestial Sash.png Celestial Sash A sparkling azure sash. Use $P + $L to jump higher.
Succubus Hairpin.png Succubus Hairpin An exquisite golden hairpin. Press Jump while mid-air to perform a second jump.
Talaria Attachment.png Talaria Attachment Harnesses telekinesis to glide across the ground. Hold $R to dash.
Water Mask.png Water Mask Weighted mask allowing breathing and movement underwater.
Gas Mask.png Gas Mask Allows wearer to breath in polluted or low-oxygen environments.
Soul Scanner.png Soul Scanner Displays the names of foes when they are hit.
Security Keycard A.png Security Keycard A Genza's personal keycard. Allows access to A-Level classified areas.
Security Keycard B.png Security Keycard B Keycard for senior-level scientists. Allows access to B-Level clearance areas.
Security Keycard C.png Security Keycard C Keycard for entry-level scientists and interns. Allows access to C-Level clearance areas.
Security Keycard D.png Security Keycard D Keycard for civilians. Allows access to D-Level clearance areas.
Library Keycard V.png Library Keycard V Keycard for librarians. Allows access to a restricted room in the library.
Tablet.png Tablet A personal device that no one should live without. Downloads files from computers.
Elevator Keycard.png Elevator Keycard A personal ID badge that allows access to all elevators in Varndagray Metropolis.
Jewelry Box.png Jewelry Box A portable jewelry case. Use $F & $G (LT & RT if gamepad) to switch between 3 sets of equipped orbs.
Eternal Brooch.png Eternal Brooch A gold and amethyst brooch. Changes Lunais's appearance.
Wyrm Brooch.png Wyrm Brooch A pale brooch featuring a crimson gemstone. Changes Meyef's appearance.
Greed Brooch.png Greed Brooch A lavish brooch featuring a turquoise gemstone. Changes Merchant Crow's appearance.
Goddess Brooch.png Goddess Brooch An iridescent brooch. Changes Lunais's appearance.