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Icon Name Description
Timespinner Wheel.png Timespinner Wheel Spinning wheel of the Timespinner. E stops and unstops time.
Timespinner Spindle.png Timespinner Spindle Spindle of the Timespinner. Allows limited time travel.
Timespinner Gear 1.png Timespinner Gear 1 Tuning gear needed to accurately use the Timespinner. 1st in set of 3.
Timespinner Gear 2.png Timespinner Gear 2 Tuning gear needed to accurately use the Timespinner. 2nd in set of 3.
Timespinner Gear 3.png Timespinner Gear 3 Tuning gear needed to accurately use the Timespinner. 3rd in set of 3.
Twin Pyramid Key.png Twin Pyramid Key A pair of golden ceramic pyramids. Allows travel between previously visited gates.
Celestial Sash.png Celestial Sash A sparkling azure sash. Use $P + $L to jump higher.
Succubus Hairpin.png Succubus Hairpin An exquisite golden hairpin. Press $A to jump again in midair.
Talaria Attachment.png Talaria Attachment Harnesses telekinesis to glide across the ground. Hold $R to dash.
Water Mask.png Water Mask Weighted mask allowing breathing and movement underwater.
Gas Mask.png Gas Mask Allows wearer to breath in polluted or low-oxygen environments.
Soul Scanner.png Soul Scanner Displays the names of foes when they are hit.
Security Keycard A.png Security Keycard A Genza's personal keycard. Allows access to A-Level classified areas.
Security Keycard B.png Security Keycard B Keycard for senior-level scientists. Allows access to B-Level clearance areas.
Security Keycard C.png Security Keycard C Keycard for entry-level scientists and interns. Allows access to C-Level clearance areas.
Security Keycard D.png Security Keycard D Keycard for civilians. Allows access to D-Level clearance areas.
Library Keycard V.png Library Keycard V Keycard for librarians. Allows access to a restricted room in the library.
Tablet.png Tablet A personal device that no one should live without. Downloads files from computers.
Elevator Keycard.png Elevator Keycard A personal ID badge that allows access to all elevators in Varndagray Metropolis.
Jewelry Box.png Jewelry Box A portable jewelry case. Use $F and $G to switch between 3 sets of equipped orbs.
Eternal Brooch.png Eternal Brooch A gold and amethyst brooch. Changes Lunais's appearance.
Wyrm Brooch.png Wyrm Brooch A pale brooch featuring a crimson gemstone. Changes Meyef's appearance.
Greed Brooch.png Greed Brooch A lavish brooch featuring a turquoise gemstone. Changes Merchant Crow's appearance.