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Icon Name Description Damage Defense Will Fortitude Luck Source
Ancient Coin.png
Ancient Coin A coin of a forgotten currency. Said to increase chances of finding treasure. +2 +3 Merchant Crow
Azure Stole.png
Azure Stole A breathtakingly beautiful scarf imbued with ancient power. +3 +1 +6 Demon Guard
Bird Statue.png
Bird Statue A small ancient statue depicting an anthropomorphic bird. Prevents chaos. Underwater Chests (randomly)
Chaos Horn.png
Chaos Horn A jagged horn torn from an otherwordly beast. +4 +2 Empire Giantess
Chaos Stole.png
Chaos Stole A long flowing scarf that exudes dark energy. +2 +1 +4 Royal Guard
Cheveur Plume.png
Cheveur Plume A luxurious purple plume from a ferocious bird. +2 Savage Cheveur
Filigree Clasp.png
Filigree Clasp An ancient clasp with copious amounts of filigree. +10 Chests in the castle (present) (randomly)
Galaxy Earrings.png
Galaxy Earrings Lovingly crafted galaxy earrings. Increases Orb experience gain. Final Quest
Gilded Egg.png
Gilded Egg The Merchant Crow's most coveted possession. Increases Familiar experience gained. Merchant Crow
Glass Pumpkin.png
Glass Pumpkin A delicate glass pumpkin that mysteriously has sway over the flow of time. Beat every boss without taking damage or using timestop
Metal Wristband.png
Metal Wristband A small metallic wristband with a blinking light on the inside. +1 Chests in the research tower (randomly)
Mother o' Pearl.png
Mother o' Pearl A dazzlingly iridescent shard of a larger shell. +1 +2 +1 +1 +1 Ancient Frail
Nymph Hairband.png
Nymph Hairband A shiny black hairband made from an unknown material +1 +2 +1 Antheia
Pendulum A chunk of amethyst suspended on a golden chain. Prevents poison. Chest (room under the lake)
Selen's Bangle.png
Selen's Bangle Engraved with Qaelan style filigree. Increases experience gained. +1 Beating the game on Nightmare Mode (Level Cap 1).
Shiny Rock.png
Shiny Rock Clearly someone thinks that this is more valuable than it actually is. Merchant Crow
Synthetic Plume.png
Synthetic Plume A fake bird plume that has clearly seen better days. +1 Cheveur Tank