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Timespinner was scheduled and released on 25 September 2018 for PC,PS4 and Vita after five years of closed development.

1.02 Steam Only

Timespinner 1.02 was released on 2 October 2018 for Steam and contained the following changes:

  • Fixed a crash caused by raising Orb Level too high. It is now capped at 999.
  • Entering a NG+ game no longer clears the "Game Cleared" flag- allowing for infinite NG+ resets.
  • Adjusted the Fire Passive to be capable of killing enemies (it would not reduce them past 1 HP before).
  • Added an additional costume for Lunais.
  • Reduced the power of several healing items.
  • Adjusted stats on a few enemies.
  • Adjusted a certain Keycard door to appear to be broken.
  • Adjusted the location of a certain skeleton.
  • Added glowing floor prompts to two story interactable objects.
  • Fixed a parralax bug in a penthouse room in the city
  • Fixed a floating tile bug in a save room in the forest
  • Added a "Dropped Item" to a ledge in Lake Serene
  • Adjusted a "Map Download" to add 1 additional room to Lake Desolation
  • Fixed a visual bug in the Orb Shop where the "Better Arrow" would overlap the Orb level
  • Adjusted the Orb Shop's Reinforce display stats to always show improvement, even if numbers did not visibly change.


Timespinner 1.01 was scheduled and released on 25 September 2018.


Timespinner 1.0 was released 2 weeks before release to Kickstarter Backers.