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Spells are powerful attacks which relate to orbs attacks. Equipping a necklace will determine what spell the player has available.

Spell attacks are triggered by holding, charging, and releasing the spell button. Using spells consumes aura power.

Icon Name Description Related Orb Related Passive Element
Aura Blast.png
Aura Blast Throw a blast of pure Aura energy. Blue Orb Bleak Ring Aura
Colossal Blade.png
Colossal Blade Vivisects enemies with a giant blade. Blade Orb Scythe Ring Sharp
Infernal Flames.png
Infernal Flames Incinerate foes with short ranged flames. Fire Orb Pyro Ring Fire
Plasma Geyser.png
Plasma Geyser Creates a horizontal laser of electric destruction. Plasma Orb Royal Ring Plasma
Colossal Hammer.png
Colossal Hammer Crushes foes with an enormous hammer. Iron Orb Shield Ring Blunt
Frozen Spires.png
Frozen Spires Impale foes with a row of ice spikes. Ice Orb Icicle Ring Ice
Storm Eye.png
Storm Eye Surround yourself with raging winds that tear nearby foes apart. Wind Orb Tailwind Ring Sharp
Arm Cannon.png
Arm Cannon Blast foes with heat-seeking missiles and a powerful beam. Gun Orb Economizer Ring Radiant (missiles), Sharp (laser)
Dark Flames.png
Dark Flames Destroy foes with two oscillating dark fireballs. Umbra Orb Dusk Ring Chaos
Aura Serpent.png
Aura Serpent Summons an Aura Serpent to destroy foes. Empire Orb Star of Lachiem Aura
Chaos Blades.png
Chaos Blades Mow down your foes with a flurry of bone blades. Eye Orb Oculus Ring Sharp
Crimson Vortex.png
Crimson Vortex Throw an unstoppable vortex of chaos. Blood Orb Sanguine Ring Chaos
Djinn Inferno.png
Djinn Inferno Summon an enormous ball of magma to destroy foes. Forbidden Tome Sun Ring Fire
Bombardment Obliterate foes with a short ranged blast of moon shards. Shattered Orb Silence Ring Blunt
Corruption Release passively collected souls in an unholy explosion. Nether Orb Shadow Seal Chaos
Lightwall Manifests a wall of solid light in front of the caster. Radiant Orb Hope Ring Radiant